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When Did The 'Thin Red Line' Become A Symbol of Support For Firefighters?

The ‘Thin Red Line’ is a symbol of courage and commitment, for those who put themselves in harm's way to protect others. Firefighters are on the frontlines every day working tirelessly alongside EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and Police Officers while protecting our communities from fires or accidents that could potentially cause injury with their own safety.

As a symbol of the sacrifice made every day by firefighters, The ‘Thin Red Line’ is a reminder of what these brave First Responders do. Responding to calls, they put themselves in dangerous situations so that we can live our lives free from worry and danger. When you see this badge on display at your local firehouse or commemorate one’s memory through funeral services -- know what it means: “This person was willing to lay down their life for others with no thought given as long as there are still people left who need saving."

The emblem of the “Thin Red Line” was developed by the Apex (NC) Volunteer Fire Department in 1999 to show respect to fallen firefighters and to those who protect our lives and property every day.

Similar to the ‘Thin Blue Line,’ The ‘Thin Red Line’ is a symbol of unity and support for public servants in fire protection. It can be seen on countless license plates, T-shirts worn by firefighters or carried around with them when they're not at work to keep watch over their communities' safety - this includes both themselves as well anyone who wants to show their gratitude towards those brave enough to put themselves between danger so others may live comfortably day after day

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