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Why Defunding The Police Is A Bad Idea

The history of law enforcement agencies in the United States is profoundly political, with racial and economic aspects woven into it. The issue of defunding the police has generated much discussion and a lot of heat since the summer of 2020.

Despite the noise and attention that the “defund the police” movement has generated, it didn’t get much traction with the major political parties or the media. It was viewed as another well-meaning but ultimately ineffective left-wing protest.

What Does Defunding the Police Mean?

The phrase “defund the police” refers to reallocating or redirecting funds away from a police department to other local government agencies funded by the city.

This movement aims to defund police departments at all levels of government by denying public money to pay for various police services like patrols, SWAT teams, undercover officers, and community policing. The leaders of this movement believe that once you shut down the machine that produces the problem, the problem will be eliminated.

What’s Wrong with the Idea of Defunding the Police?

Without the First Line of Defense, Chaos Will Rule

The police are the backbone of the public safety system and are the first responders to most public safety threats and incidents. So, fewer police officers on the streets would make it difficult for people in distress to get help and convenient for criminals to carry on with their activities.

The number of police on the street in neighborhoods and communities will plummet, fewer cops on the road in communities and towns, and a lack of police capacity to handle serious crimes pose a significant risk to public safety. If we eliminate funds for the police, those who will be most affected are the poor and vulnerable.

The poor neighborhoods of the city will have even more trouble than they already have. The lack of police response and capacity has created a feeling that crime can happen at any time, rendering victims defenseless against criminals because there are fewer police officers around to respond quickly enough or prevent matters from getting out of control.

Defunding Will Result in a Lack of Training

When police are not sufficiently trained on when and how to handle a critical situation, many instances of violence against citizens and police will occur. Defunding the police removes the resources needed to ensure that cops are adequately trained in such issues as using force continuum and de-escalation tactics.

When overly aggressive policing methods are used in an extreme manner or with hostility, it is frequently – though not always – in response to attacks on police. Police officers must be trained thoroughly and regularly. This necessitates financial resources.

When there is a lack of training, cops are more likely to rely on their instincts rather than proven methods developed over decades of expertise by instructors and trainers.

Criminals will Get the Upper Hand

The police are there to protect you, not only when the criminal acts but also to prevent crime from occurring in the first place. When financial resources are taken away or significantly reduced, it sends the wrong signal to the public and inadvertently encourages criminals.

Police officers protect us from many dangers, including drugs, violence, gangs, domestic abuse, and a variety of other perils. There is no other agency in the government or the social services field that can perform such tasks.

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